The trustee of co-ownership is the guarantor of your heritage
He performs legal, accounting and technical functions
He must listen to the co-owners and the union council to accompany and advise them in the perennialization of their property.
The trustee must work in collaboration with the union council

Legal function

  • - Respect and enforce the laws governing or relating to the co-ownership (laws, decrees, prefectural or municipal by-laws, provisions provided for in the law of July 10, 1965 and its implementing decree of March 17, 1967).
  • - Know the regulations in force relating to the operation of common property of the condominium and ensure their compliance.
  • - Keep the list of co-owners up to date.
  • - Keep the union's archives.
  • - Organize the general meetings.

To master perfectly the workings of the general accounting to be held for each co-ownership

  • - To elaborate the provisional budget of the co-ownership voted in AG.
  • - Anticipate the creation of a working capital or permanent cash advance that allows the trustee to pay the expenses.
  • - Require the payment of an allowance for charges claimed in the form of fund calls. These calls are calculated according to the estimated budget and adjusted at the end of the year according to the expenses actually incurred.

Technical function

  • - Fulfill his duty of counsel.
  • - Check the follow-up of maintenance and service contracts,

Your trustee regularly informs you of the new legal and accounting regulations.

He has a legal watch that allows him to be informed of any new regulations applicable to your condominium.

He is required to train at least 14 hours a year to be kept informed of the new rules applicable to the co-ownership as well in legal, accounting or technical terms.

Each co-owner has secure access to his extranet of the residence, on which he has his account situation, with calls for funds, each co-owner accesses the co-ownership regulations and any modifications, maintenance book, summary sheet, trial of the last 3 General Assemblies.

Your trustee organizes trade union council meetings, in order to define the priorities on the works to be envisaged in order to better perpetuate your patrimony.

He sets with the union council the agenda of the general assemblies.

Every decision taken at the general meeting is respected, in case of doubt, your syndic asks his opinion to the union council.

He submits to the union council each estimate for validation.

He submits all invoices and bank statements to the union council's control via the residence extranet, in addition to the annual audit of the accounts.

He communicates by email preferably in order to be the most reactive.

It provides co-owners with reliable means of payment, tele-payment via the extranet, transfer or direct debit

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