Do you want to sell or buy a property?
What if you used a real estate agent?

Because you are selling or looking for a property, it may be time for you to make the right decision and call a real estate agent.
Sell a property is a job! And that requires knowledge and experience, starting with the estimation of the price which should not be carried out lightly.
It is there to make a reliable estimate of your property, taking into account a large number of parameters: the living space, the number of rooms, the price per m² in your municipality and your neighborhood, the general condition of the property, the arrangement of rooms in the dwelling, the presence or absence of outdoor spaces, proximity to amenities, shops and transport, etc.
Highlight the property, sell it faster and at a better price, this is the added value of the real estate agent.

Your real estate agent will take care of administrative procedures for you, organize the posting of ads, organize visits to your property.
In addition, discussions with acquirers also require a great knowledge of the market and know-how: identifying needs, meeting expectations, adapting the discourse and developing arguments to convince.
He will answer the questions of potential buyers on your behalf and will be able to check their creditworthiness.
He will select the offers made by interested buyers and will advise his clients regularly.

By using a real estate agent, the buyer or seller can also count on a trusted professional. Indeed, the activity of real estate agent is framed by the law and offers guarantees to consumers. A real estate agent must take out insurance covering his professional civil liability in accordance with the provisions of the Hoguet law of 2 January 1970.
Finally, the real estate agent must undergo a continuous training of a minimum duration of 14 hours per year (or 42 hours in three consecutive years of practice) covering all legal, economic, commercial or ethical issues as well as techniques relating to construction, urban planning or the energy transition.
A property for sale, a property to find, do not hesitate to contact us!

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